Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Home from the Disney Fantasy!

We are home once again after having a wonderful week aboard the new Disney Fantasy cruise ship. It was an absolutely splendid week and I was no where near ready to leave. We have sailed twice before with Disney, aboard the Magic and the Wonder. While both of those voyages were great, I do believe this was my favorite. I love the art nouveau and art deco design of the classic ships, and the Fantasy didn't disappoint. It was absolutely gorgeous! I will write some posts about some of the things we did during our week in paradise....but for today I thought I would show you at least some of my favorite details of the ship.

The lobby of the ship is the first place you see upon boarding. It is breath taking and my pictures don't do it justice.

The peacock-inspired chandelier.The chandelier.
A view of the lobby. Can you spot Aurora?
Looking down onto the lobby carpet.
I love the low-key bit of Disney fun!
Yours truly by the Mademoiselle Minnie statue.
The Walt Disney Theater, where all the big productions are held, is a masterpiece. Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of it. I did take some pictures of the area right outside though.

The big kids and Walt.
While it is a little odd, I admit, I am enamored by the elevators on the ship...

The elevator area nearest our stateroom.
Elevator doors...note the Mickey hand pointing to the floor it's on.
The floor inside the elevator. It is actual stone that is inlaid!L

Because our little girl has to frequent the bathroom often, I saw many of them around the ship. I absolutely hate public restrooms, but every one I entered while on the ship was wonderfully clean and beautiful. They also have actual doors and walls, not stalls. Just one more way that I wish the real world were like a Disney cruise. I normally did not have a camera on me while in the restroom, and that might freak people out anyway, so I don't have many pictures. At one point I was the only one in one of the restrooms in the adult area of the ship and so I just had to take a picture of this mosaic.There were many wonderful mosaics around the ship...I just found it incredible that this one was in a bathroom!

If course, being on such a beautiful ship is so much better when you are sharing it with those you love.

My handsome hubby.