Monday, November 5, 2012

A bit of updating....with cake

I completely skipped many months of writing on this blog. This period of time included my two youngest kiddos' birthdays, along with the birthday of my oldest daughter.

Princess wanted a Jasmine cake. Why a Jasmine cake? I have no idea, beyond the fact that Jasmine is a princess, she is not one of our Princess's favorites. However, my little girl was very sure that this is what she wanted, so I did my best. She blew out all five candles like a champ! The domes and the four pillars are made with gfcf rice crispy treats. I tried using cake, but it just flopped. Squirt thought they were delicious!

Squirt did not offer up much input for his cake, but since he loves Lightning McQueen and Mater, I was pretty sure he would be happy with a Cars cake, complete with toy cars (because there was no way I would be able to make those out of fondant). He needed a bit more help with the candles since he just seemed content to let them burn for a while.

 For Gizmo's birthday she wanted apple pie. The pictures are on my husband's camera, but there really is nothing that neat to is just apple pie.....with candles. Add to that the fact that she is getting older and I do try and respect that fact that me posting pictures of her blowing out birthday candles is not all that cool anymore. :) She is always complaining that I never make enough pie, so she was very happy with her birthday apple pie. I made three for her and everybody who helped us celebrate, served up with Rice Dream ice cream, and I do believe she almost finished off an entire one by herself.