Sunday, August 7, 2011

Life in the Fast Lane

For the past few months or so, I have been It has been a gradual process, but once I got to the point of being constantly nauseous with frequent migraines it really started to upset me. My life involves taking care of my family, and it makes me very upset when I feel I can not do that the way that I want. But there I was, dragging myself out of bed even though I had gotten plenty of sleep, unable to think clearly, feeling like the room would never stop spinning, having horrendous stomach pains, and being much clumsier than usual. Something has definitely been going wrong with my internal systems.

So... I went to see a naturopathic doctor that my mom and younger sister have seen and really liked. it is not really clear if my body just needs some help in clearing out the gluten, or if I possibly have other food intolerances to contend with. So, what is the solution...

That is the start of it anyway. Yep...that lemon-lime water has been my breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack of champions for the past two days. I am shooting for a five-day fast, so that means I am now at halfway mark in the middle of day three. I drink a gallon of the water every day, so I am not really all that hungry. I do, however, miss food. We have a bowl of pears in the kitchen that I have stared longingly at. Making food for the rest of the family has also been a bit of a challenge, but actually not as bad as I had thought it would be (I did imagine that I would be a sobbing, hungry mess by this point).

The good news stomach aches while I have been on the fast. For someone who has had very painful stomach aches daily for two months, that is awesome. That has been enough to convince me to follow through with the entire five days.

After my detox fast is finished, we will be embarking on a three-week allergy elimination diet, avoiding all gluten, dairy, eggs, tomatoes, potatoes, and corn. The foods (with the exception of gluten, which is staying out) will be slowly introduced after that to check how they are tolerated. The entire family will be participating in that one, just to check and make sure they do not have food intolerances. I must say, I am feeling quite excited.