Friday, February 17, 2012

Cake Friday

I thought seriously about not making cake today. I mean, I just made a cake on Tuesday for Valentine's Day. A household can have too much cake after all. Add to that the fact that I am going a little bonkers trying to get the big kids ready for the Young Entrepreneur Fair that they will be participating in tomorrow. But then Spike asked me what kind I would be making, and when I hemmed and hawed about not making one at all, he said, "But, it's Cake Friday." "Yeah, Cake Friday," Princess piped in. So.....I gave in. I did make it easy though and just made some rum cakes. I made mini cakes so that the kid version did not have a rum glaze, but the parent version did. They were very well received and the first batch of 12 disappeared in a matter of minutes. I may put the recipe on here if there is any interest, but as for now I am stinkin' tired and just want to snuggle up next to my hubby and watch something on Netflix. Happy weekend, everyone!