Friday, January 24, 2014

Get Air Trampoline Park

Our school-age children attend a homeschooling type charter school, in which they attend either one or two days a week, and the rest they have school at home. It has provided a great way for them to still have the education we were seeking by homeschooling, but still participate in group activities (like choir or speech and debate). This week we had the opportunity to go on a field trip to a trampoline park with their school. There was quite a turnout, but not enough to make the park seem crowded.

We went to Get Air Sportsplex, which boasts that it is the largest trampoline park in Utah, and the kid's all had a blast. Admission is charged by the hour, and we chose to stay the full two hours that the school had reserved the park. I had lots of fun playing with the kids, and we all left a bit flushed and tired.

The big kids spent quite a bit of time doing large jumps and flips into the foam pits, Princess took small jumps, and Squirt just ran right in. It was extremely difficult to get out there, and Squirt especially enjoyed lounging out amidst the foam cubes.

To prove that I was no party pooper, and was jumping right along with the kids, Gizmo took pictures of me as proof.  Brady says I should have tried doing flips.....maybe next time.

There was also a large area to jump and run to your heart's content. Gizmo and Spike mastered jumping up onto the raised platforms and landing on their feet quite well. The trampoline ramps and slides were also a lot of fun.

 The trampoline park was a great way to blow of some of our spring fever, although I think I may have annoyed at least one of my children with all of my picture taking.