Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The First Hint of Spring

Winter often brings with it some terrible air conditions here. We have weather inversions that occur during those cold months, which basically means a whole lot of pollution gets trapped here. If a storm doesn't occur for a week or two, the air quality is visibly worsened.

Wonderfully, this past weekend the clouds sent down lots of rainy goodness that cleaned the air up beautifully. It is so amazing to be outside and realize how clear and wonderful it is after a good storm. I sometimes go for a jog while Spike is at his Boy Scout meetings, but I wanted to celebrate the clean air with something more than that. Princess and Squirt have been itching to ride their bikes, so they were thrilled as I loaded their bikes in the back of my car with the promise that I had a great place in mind to ride all they wanted.

I had a wonderful stroll, and both the kiddos had a great bike ride. Princess was very proud that she was able to pedal while standing up to make it up some of the hills. Squirt made it up the hills himself, with some power boost help from me. We saw a fancy bird house, horses, birds, and lots of very interesting sticks and rocks (a few which made their way home). I know it is not spring yet, but on days like these I can feel it coming. The air is still quite chilly, but it is clean, and I am happy with that.