Friday, February 7, 2014

Recent Spinning

I have not been doing very much spinning lately. Not because I do not enjoy it, but simply because I am trying to finish up a few crochet things I have been working on that I will share when they are finished.

My poor spinning wheel, which I have named Eve, has been sitting next to the television in our family room looking ever so lonely, while my stash of angora fiber from our bunnies, Molly and Beatrix, has been adding up.

The first yarn I spun was some undyed roving I had purchased for the purpose of learning how to use the spinning wheel. It still remains on the bobbin. I do have more of the roving left, so I will probably finish it up and ply it in the future, although I have no plans for it at this time.

So what am I currently working on? I am actually finishing up on some wool roving that I purchased before I received my spinning wheel for Christmas. I dyed the roving with Kool-Aid (grape and mountain berry flavors if you are wondering) and happily spun much of it on my drop spindle.  I had two balls of approximately the same size when I got the wheel, and decided to use it ply them together.

This is the result:
 I am now finishing spinning up all the purple and blue fiber into singles, and will afterwards ply it. The plan for this wool has always been to make a shawl. It is mostly fingering weight, although I will admit I do now spin as evenly as I aspire to. I do really enjoy the process though, so I am not really upset about the rustic-ness of the finished yarn. In this above skein, I have approximately 280 yards. I am anticipating another 350 or so when I am finally done. I am really excited to make something with this!