Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Two State Socks

Last night, I snipped off the ends of woven in yarn on these socks, finishing them up. The yarn is not that great, I am not head over heels about the color, but these socks have a dear place in my heart anyway. They are not exactly the same, this pair of socks. There are differences in the toe decreases, because by the time I got to the second sock, I had forgotten just how I had done the first. But that is not the difference that I think about when I look down. 

The first sock was knitted in Utah, in the house where we had been living for almost ten years. The second was knitted in Texas, in the new home that we are still getting adjusted to. My husband got a good opportunity to take a job promotion down here in the Lone Star State, and we decided to take a leap. 

Moving was a crazy blur of time. From the time we were sure we were moving, to when me and the kids left Utah, there was only about a month and a half of time. Brady had to be in Texas for the new job, while I handled packing up what stuff I thought we could take and getting the house on the market. I am so grateful for both of our families who helped so much with accomplishing everything. There was painting, packing, getting rid of stuff, and re-carpeting going on, and to top it all of, I caught a case of pneumonia to go along with it. I had hoped to make goodbye visits to more people, but sometimes only so much can be done. 

So here we are now, in Texas, in a beautiful and slightly larger home. One of the most exciting aspects is that we have a 9 acre property. Brady has been building our chickens a wonderful new coop and they seem very happy. Hopefully, they will be sharing their yard with other animals soon, as this land gives us the potential to have some sheep or alpaca. :) 

Some days, I deeply miss my old home and the familiarity of living in a place that I knew so well. Other days, I ache for my kids as I watch them struggle with the hardships of new schools and new friends. Most of the time though, I am excited for our future and envisioning what new adventures will come our way.