Monday, February 9, 2015

Winter Festival!

This past week was cold. Sheet of ice on the windshield kind of cold. The type of cold that leaves me scowling at the temperature and muttering stuff about how it is not supposed to be this cold in Texas. I am obviously wrong in this belief, but that will most likely not stop my angry mutterings at the cold.

The weather forecast showed beautiful weather in the high 70s for the weekend. We were planning on attending the city winter festival, but it was really hard to believe that it would not be insufferably cold. Even Saturday morning was rather crisp, but as noon approached the sky turned blue and we all packed into the car with only light jackets needed. After we had been there a little while, it was warm enough that they kids were able to eat snow cones without freezing. Not exactly keeping with a winter theme, but I was certainly not complaining.

The festival was held on main street, with a large section shut down to traffic for the festivities. There were vendor booths, games, and rides, along with live music. We had quite a bit of fun strolling through, although the rides were a bit more exciting for the kids.

We didn't think that snow tubing was going to be an activity we would get to enjoy here, so the snow slide was awesome. It was a really large slide that was periodically refreshed with snow.

The favorite activity for all the kids was probably the bungee jump.

We spent some of the day visiting with the local shelter staff and volunteers at an adoption event. We did end up bringing someone home with us, but I will save telling you about that for another post.