Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Toy Room Revamp

Having a room solely devoted to my childrens' toys is a wonderful thing. They can go in there, play, and of course make messes, and I can simply shut the door. Except when it gets too today. Princess and my nephew have been playing in there a lot lately. Due to the large furniture that was in there, and the fact that there was just too many toys, they were not putting things away. Even when I told them to clean up, and it seemed they had made some effort, it still was disastrous.

I peeked in there today to tell them to straighten up in preparation for lunch and was met with a sight that makes my organization-loving heart just want to scream. As horrifying as it was, I took a picture. There was barely room to move, let alone bring in a vacuum. Truth be told, it did not get to this overnight. I did realize it was bad, but was purposely pushing it to the back of my head since we were busy with things like Easter, our anniversary, me and my husband's birthdays, and my husband's gigantic birthday barbecue which involved hosting somewhere around 35 adults and a few handfuls of children at my house. But today I could ignore nor longer.

I passed off Squirt to Gizmo, made Spike sit near the door so I could make sure he was doing his math work, and got moving. In the course of approximately an hour, I moved furniture, organized toys back into their cubbies, and placed books neatly on the shelf. Nearly the entire time, my nephew and Princess were peeking in and asking if they could play.

To top it all off, I put together the small entertainment shelving unit me and my husband had bought at Target for $20. The box has been sitting in our front room for a while now, so it was about time I put the thing together. It works much better in the room than the big desk. We then finally had to get some lunch made and make our way to the library. When I got home, I did take a victory picture of the nice clean room. Now I just need to get the kiddos to keep it that way.