Sunday, May 15, 2011

Renaissance Fair!

The renaissance fair is a kind of geeky, yet totally fun, event which we have
attended for two years. I mean, where else do you get to gnaw on a smoked turkey leg for lunch and wash it down with a cold birch beer from a blue glass bottle. So last week, we embraced our geekiness (the kids even dressed up a bit) and made our way to the large field of land which had temporarily been transformed into the Utah Renaissance and Fantasy fair.

After getting the blue glass bottles we had bought last year refilled with cream soda, birch beer, honey root beer, and sarsaparilla, we made our way to watch some belly dancers.

Gizmo even tried some scarf dancing of her own with some prompting from Brady. She is the one in the blue dress on the right of the picture.

This dancer's skirt looked so fun to wear.

One of our favorite finds this year was a merchants tent that held a variety of neat objects. Forks and spoons made out of horn, a plethora of neat beads, ladies corsets, and neat clothing items where all inside. One of the things I thought was interesting was the bundles of horse hair. I forgot to ask the shopkeeper what that might be used for. Brady got a really neat wool coat. I think it might work for some steam punk costuming...

We did miss the jousters this year, just due to not being there at the right time, but we did get to see the vaulters. We had not seen them perform before, so it was pretty interesting.

Spike found the blacksmith to be the best parts. He has been asking me how he might be able to start doing blacksmith work himself. The thought of him working around hot metal is not the most comforting, but it is pretty neat to see him thinking about these things. That is him in the green hat asking the blacksmith questions.