Sunday, July 31, 2011

Belated Pictures of Cake

Even though Princess's and Squirt's birthdays were a few weeks ago, I never got around to posting the pictures. We had a small weekend celebration for them both for them to eat their cake and ice cream and open presents from their grandparents. I ended up making a small cake for each of them and one larger cake for everyone else. I made them all with an ocean theme and topped Princess's cake with a mermaid and Squirt's cake with an octopus.

Squirt was a little hesitant at first...

But soon got the octopus's head off and started enjoying the cake. The funniest part was when he poked a hole in the cake with his finger, ripped off an octopus leg, and tried to shove it into the hole he made. I guess he wanted to redesign it. The aftermath...

Princess was quite a bit more dainty with her cake, although she did decapitate the mermaid at one point.They both really liked their presents, too. Squirt got new clothes and a talking Mater that is squishy like a stuffed toy, yet moves it's mouth when it talks. He has giggled at that quite a bit.

Of course, our little Princess had to try on all of the new Princess clothes she got. She is such a girly girl.