Monday, July 4, 2011

Gizmo Goes to Camp

The day after coming home from Bear Lake, I set off to drop Gizmo off at Girl Scout camp. She was thrilled to go and could barely contain her excitement during the drive. While I was happy for her, that first night with her at camp was rough for me. The house felt remarkably empty without her.

When the week was up, we all loaded up in the car to go and pick her up. During the drive home, she told of all about her adventures learning knots, using different outdoor cooking methods, going on the high ropes course, practicing archery, and sleeping under the stars on one particular evening. She woke up that morning to see a deer nearby. We have also been hearing camp songs galore since she arrived home.

She took her camera, so I am including some of the pictures that she and her counselors took while she was at camp.