Saturday, September 17, 2011

Utah State Fair

For the past two years, we have loaded up and made the drive to Salt Lake City for the state fair. The kids really look forward to it, and homeschoolers get a killer deal on admission. In the past, there has been one day of the fair scheduled for homeschoolers to get in for a discount, but they changed the rules this year. We had to take in our paperwork, but got to go anytime. Since we had more freedom to pick what day we wanted to go we were able to go on a Saturday. I prefer during the week since there is less crowds, but our schedule has just been so busy that it really was better to go today.

Our first stop was at the photography exhibits. One of Gizmo's friends, who is also homeschooled, won a blue ribbon for a photo of hers. That same friend's little sister won a best in show ribbon. We had not realized that they had entered, so it was fun to find a familiar name. I really need to get on the ball and get the kids submitting something to next year's fair.

Here are some of the highlights of the day.
This is Spike waiting for the girls to finish up cooing over some baby pigs. By this point, he was getting pretty tired.
We finished up the day with a few rides. Princess chose the carousel, which was no surprise. She also picked the most girly horse on there, which was even less of a surprise.
The big kids chose a bigger ride. One of those ship type things that swings back and forth. All of my pictures that I tried to take of them on it did not work out, so here is one of them waiting to get on.And in case you are wondering at this point, Squirt was with us. He was not having a good photo day though, since everyone I took of him he is blurry from his constant need to move. He did enjoy petting a three-week old calf while we were there, and he enjoyed the sights, so it was a fun day for him.

And now my aching feet and I are going to rest and watch a movie with my honey...