Sunday, October 16, 2011


This past Wednesday, I awoke with a plan for the day. Pancakes for breakfast, a bit of school, playgroup, some much needed grocery shopping, and home in plenty of time to make dinner and relax. It is funny how life sometimes takes the plans that you make and jostles them around, especially life with kids. Spike got sick, and my plans changed from being productive to curling up on the couch with my 9-year-old, trying to make him feel as comfortable as possible. I think it was time well spent.

It can be rough sometimes for a list and schedule loving person like myself, to step out of my practical mind and just enjoy the moment. I am making it my goal to not stress myself out so much; to remind myself that is okay when my plans don't always work out. After all, we had planned to have three kids, and now I could not imagine life without Squirt.

I did accomplish my plan of knitting a soot sprite though. We really enjoy Studio Ghibli films, and when I ran across the knitting pattern I knew we just needed one in our house. And it only took me five days longer than planned.... :)
The kids have all found it's current hideout on top of the microwave very amusing.