Monday, October 3, 2011

Gizmo's Birthday Party

In keeping with my blog fashion of posting things a week or two after they happen, I decided that now would be a great time to post about Gizmo's birthday party. This was the first birthday party that she has had with friends in a few years, so it was very exciting for her. Most of her friends were even able to spend the night. Her nonstop excitement for the party nearly drove me insane in the week previous to the big event, but I am glad she had such a wonderful time.

When we were trying to come up with a theme for the party she told me that she really wanted to watch Howl's Moving Castle, her favorite movie, with her friends. I suggested that we have an Asian themed birthday party to go along with that. While at first she seemed to think it was a dumb idea, she soon loved it.

She and I made most of the decorations together. We went to Jo-Ann's craft store while they were having a scrapbook paper sale and got a bunch of paper she liked. Most of it was sparkly, which really looked neat.

I drew the letters freehand while looking at a font that we liked, then I cut them out. Gizmo glued them on the shimmery blue paper, and we worked together to string them along some yarn.
We didn't make the paper umbrella. That was something Gizmo loved from the party store.
A view of some of our decorating.

Sparkly paper lanterns.           
While waiting for her cake to cool the night before the party, I decided to make some origami lillies for the table. Spike woke up and helped me make one. If you look carefully, you can see that he stuck a little paper airplane onto his contribution.

Princess wanted to be just like her big sister, so they both wore some Chinese clothes that my parents picked up in Chinatown and had chopsticks in their hair.
Her cake. I managed to keep it a surprise like she wanted.
Thinking about her wish.
Opening presents.
What we put in the favor boxes.
The favor boxes all closed up.
The girls were just silly enough to be fun, but not enough to drive me and Brady crazy. They did stay up later than me for sure, and one of her guests brought silly string in her present so I was finding bits and pieces around the house the next day though. Mostly that just made me giggle. It was wonderful seeing Gizmo have such a fun time with her friends, even if I am a bit sad about the fact that she is growing up so much.