Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas

Tonight we decorated our Christmas tree. It was a lot of fun unpacking the ornaments and watching the kids decorate the tree while Brady played a variety of funny songs.

While me and Brady have never had the kind of perfectly decorated trees that you see in magazines or on display in stores, I have thought ours were wonderful year after year. The first year we were married, when Gizmo was only a few months old, we splurged on a lovely tree. Since we were pretty broke at that point, we didn't have much money left for ornaments, but our tree looked lovely with its' many candy canes. We still have the three icicle ornaments we bought that year to symbolize the three of us. Later on, during the years were we have had curious toddlers, our Christmas trees have only been decorated on the top half.  We have ornaments that the kids have painted, ornaments from the cruises we have been on together, and ornaments that we just thought were pretty at the store. Somehow it all works together, and every year I can't help but think about where our family is now and where we have been, and I love that.

Brady topped it off with the star.
After the decorating was through, we all enjoyed a glass of Rice Nog (dairy free egg nog) which was really quite good. I tried to get some nice pictures of the kids, but instead ended up temporarily blinding them since I had turned on the flash. Oops.
 I am starting to get really excited for Christmas now....just need to finish up the rest of my shopping.