Monday, February 23, 2015

Snow Day in Texas

Winter Storm Quantum has came our way early this morning, waking me and Brady with the sounds of sleet and freezing rain hitting the windows. Brady had a scheduled telework day today, and the kids' schools are all canceled for a snow day. In case you are wondering, let me show you what a snow day in North Texas looks like.


Coming from Northern Utah, having a snow day with this much snow is a funny notion. However, all the locals have told us that with these types of storms, the roads are incredibly slippery with ice and it is very dangerous to drive. That is just fine with me, as I have no desire to go out into the cold.  The little kids were excited to go outside and see the snow, but each lasted only about 10 minutes. I was only outside long enough to snap a few pictures. The lovely fire my hubby has kept going and a cup of tea sound much more inviting.