Friday, April 10, 2015

A Chorus of Noises

Our master bedroom currently sounds something like I imagine a rain forest so sound. There is a steady stream of bird chirps. The chirping is coming from turkeys, ducks, and chickens rather than parrots, toucans, and other exotic birds, but the effect is actually quite similar to my ears. We have a lot of new arrivals in our home, and I will try to introduce you to them soon, but for today I thought I would leave you with another noise.

There is an area in our front yard that is a bit lower than the surrounding land. Brady wants to dig it deeper and turn it into a pond, but for now it collects the rain water and turns into a marshy-type spot. A few weeks ago we noticed the croaking of frogs in the area. I have thought this was really neat, although I have wandered out there looking, and can't actually find one. It doesn't help that they stop croaking when you get close.

While taking out the trash a few nights ago, I decided to try and capture a little bit of our front yard symphony. It was dark outside, so you can't see anything, but it might be fun to listen to.