Friday, April 17, 2015

Field of Weedy Dreams


Moving onto a large parcel of land has been an experience that has brought us a lot closer to nature. We have seen a deer, a few rabbits, and a couple skunks within the confines of our yard. In the evenings, we have stood outside and listened to the frogs or watched small lizards climb up the walls of our home. I could really have done without our dog, Sheba, taking an interest in a skunk and getting sprayed, but even washing her down with Brady led to some laughs.

While we do like a landscape that is pretty to look at, I will admit that our family's tastes tend to be a bit on the wild side. My kids have thoroughly enjoyed walking around our meadow of a yard and finding new plant treasures. I have spent many days with the flowers that my kids have brought me tucked into my ponytail, often forgetting they are there until I brush my hair at night. 

One of our next door neighbors walked on over a few days ago while I was outside, and tried to convince me to have the guy who mowed his lawn mow mine as well. This particular neighbor seems to feel a partial ownership of our property since the house previously belonged to a friend of his. As it also really seemed like he would be getting a financial kickback for signing us up for the lawn service, I was pretty taken aback. I honestly have to say that mowed down or not, both lawns are about as much weeds as they are grass. Better Homes and Gardens are not going to be knocking on any doors around here anytime soon. 

I explained that I would be mowing some areas of the lawn soon, but we did not want the entirety of the lawn mowed at this time. I also tried to add that my kids liked the wildflowers, and our newly placed bees were relying on those same flowers. 

I used to feel guilty for not having a perfect yard in our old home, but I am determined to not feel that guilt now. We moved with the intention of having a life closer to nature and with less confines, specifically to an area that we could do that. We are still planning just what we want to do with all this space Most likely, a lot of it will be devoted for pasture areas. For now though, I am just going to enjoy the scenery.