Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Eggs!

Dying Easter eggs is an inexpensive and fun craft and you don't even have to worry about it adding clutter to your house, as the result is edible. This year we picked up three egg dying kits at the store, added our own stash of crayons, and created some marvelous egg masterpieces.

This year we had my mom and my younger sister along, as well as my brother, his wife (who is pregnant with twins!!), and their adorable little man, Lincoln. It was nice for the kids to spend some time with their Grandma, aunts, uncle, and cousin.

My favorite thing that we tried this year was taking some eggs that were still very hot from being hard boiled. While using a rag to hold onto the eggs, because they really are hot, draw on the egg with a crayon. The heat melts the crayon as draw, creating rich swaths of color. Afterward, we put the eggs into some of the egg dye. It was definitely an egg coloring technique that is best for older kids and adults, but a lot of fun. It ends up looking something like this...of course, your design would be different, but you get the idea.All in all, we colored and decorated roughly five dozen eggs this year. Good thing that my kids like to eat hard-boiled eggs.

Happy Easter!