Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Busy Days

Lately it seems like we constantly running around town. Between dental appointments, doctor appointments, grocery shopping, and all other errands that need to be accomplished, I find myself wistfully thinking about a day spent entirely at home. Today was a doctor appointment for myself, a dental appointment for Gizmo and Spike, the library for their after school program, and stopping by the grocery store to pick up the remainder of items on my shopping list. It does not seem like that much, but I had all the liveliness of a sloth by the time we finish.

I took some pictures of the kids while they we were at the dental office. I am still getting used to the new camera my awesome hubby bought. Squirt has reached the awkward age at which he is not big enough yet to really play with the bigger kids, but thinks he is too big to sit with me. Alas, they just grow up too quick.
When we got home, we put Squirt in his playpen, surrounded by fun toys.His response was trying to get out by force, using his face.
It was pretty hilarious, but don't worry, I did rescue him for the torturous playpen.