Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring has Sprung...Maybe

Today brought sunshine and warm weather outside, so my crew were all itching to get outside. Or perhaps it was just me and Gizmo wanting to get outside and persuading the rest to come along, hard to say. First off we had to get some school work done. Spike had an online class scheduled this morning for language arts, so while he was doing that, I helped Gizmo with her math. She is working on mapping coordinate planes and doing quite nicely with it. She then read Johnny Tremain for a bit for literature before Spike finished up on the computer.

After lunch we all geared up to go outside. I swear this takes longer than we actually spend outdoors. Squirt's bouncer needed to be hauled outside, and Princess and my nephew (who I babysit) needed help with socks and shoes. Then shovels and gloves needed to be gathered. It is all such an event. Luckily, my oldest daughter is very helpful.

We worked on digging out the flower bed in front of our house. It needs to be completely redone, but some of the plants we would like to salvage. Gizmo and Spike worked on digging out bulbs.

Squirt bounced for a while. The hat was a continuous struggle between me putting it on and him taking it off.
Princess and her cousin colored with sidewalk chalk. All in all, it was a lovely time being outside in the fresh air after having cold and wet weather for a long time. I have my doubts that it will stay nice since the weather here always seems to be playing a trick, but we will enjoy it for now.

After all this fresh air, I was sure my kids were ready for more school! They were not quite as convinced. Being the awesome kids they are though, they participated anyway....Gizmo went off to do her online class, and this time I helped Spike with his math. He was working on chancing fractions to decimals and vice versa.

My body tried to tell me that my day was over, but alas, there was still Girl Scouts to get to. I don't really mind since Gizmo really likes going. Usually I head over to the gym while she was there, but since I have been fighting a nasty cold and can't breath worth squat, I hung out in the car with Squirt.

First he sat on my lap and pretended to drive.

Then he sat in the passenger seat and played.
And then he found a box of cookies, made a big mess, and then was ready for a nap.
I did get to knit for a little bit while he slept, which was certainly nice.