Monday, April 4, 2011

Date Night!

As I have already mentioned, me and my husband (the handsome fella' pictured above) have been married quite a while. To be exact, this week we will celebrate our 12th anniversary. Most evenings are spent watching movies together, but we rarely go out with just the two of us. This past weekend we decided to celebrate our upcoming anniversary with a night on the town....or something like that.

My mom came over to watch our kiddos, and we were out the door. It felt strange being out without our little entourage, but it was also wonderful. First we shared an appetizer at Sonora Grill. We chose the guacamole which they prepare table side, and some mojitos to go with it. Both were delicious.
Afterward we headed over to the theater and watched Suckerpunch. I had been waiting to see this movie for nearly a year since my husband first saw the trailer and knew it was something right up my alley. As most people have agreed, the plot was nothing to write home about, but the visuals of it made it worth it to me. I did wish that the story involved more steampunk elements, but that is just what kind of girl I am.

My husband had a migraine just knocking on the door and waiting to take over his head, but luckily he was able to make it through and enjoy the evening with me. Good food, interesting movie, and a guy I am crazy about by my side. What a lucky lady I am.