Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Baby Shower Cake

This past weekend, my mom and aunts held a baby shower for my brother Tyler and his wife, Emily. They have an adorable little boy and now are expecting twins. As if that were not exciting enough on its own, they are going to be moving soon after the babies arrive for Tyler to pursue business school. We are thrilled for them, and they will be very missed here in the land of Utah.

I realize the picture is not very good. I usually feel really lame taking pictures of the cakes I make, but then later wish I had done so. I will try to work on that in the future.

The idea for the cake was two peas in a pod. Since one twin is a girl, and the other a boy, I was trying to not be too gender specific in either direction. I did run out of time before I could get some flowers on the cake, but I think it turned out quite nicely anyway.

In case you are wondering, both cakes were gluten free and chocolate. The bottom cake had a filling of mint buttercream with crushed Andes mints mixed in, and the top cake had a filling of berry buttercream. I thought they were rather tasty.