Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Visit from Brandon Mull

A few weeks ago, a woman who I know through the kids' playgroup organized a visit from Brandon Mull. In case you are not in "the know" about such things, Brandon Mull is the New York Times bestselling author of the Fablehaven series and The Candy Shop War, along with a new series, Beyonders, which he is currently working on. Being that he has had such success as an author, and that he is from our home state, his visit was a much awaited event for many homeschooled kiddos in this area.

The woman who arranged it all did a wonderful job. The event was sponsored by iVillage and PBS Kids, so we received some picture books and other small goodies when we got there. While waiting for the presentation, there were activities for the kids to do, such as making fairies out of clothespins, nature-inspired crayon rubbings, and making small books of their own. Spike did a cute little book about a dragonfly for Princess and Squirt.

Brandon Mull then spoke with the kids about what it was like to be an author. He did a fun exercise with them about using your imagination and talked about how important having creative venues in your life is. One important thing that he shared with all the aspiring authors in the audience was to not let someone telling them no stop them. He told the kids that he had sent Fablehaven in to other publishers and received rejection letters before being able to get his work published, and that other authors he knew had the same experience.

After the presentation, lines were formed for refreshments and author signings. We happily got both, even though Squirt was very ready for a nap by that point.