Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Minnie Mouse Hairbows

While I have quite a few projects in the works, this is my first finished project for the cruise. Just because I planned them for the cruise though, doesn't mean that Princess is not enjoying them a little now. I had to chase her down while she was riding her bike to get some pictures.
I made the little Minnie Mouse heads last week while me and the kids were playing with polymer clay. After I baked them to get them hardened up, and let them cool, I sprayed them with varnish to make them a little shiny. Over the next few days was were this project hit a bit of a snag. Princess really liked the little Minnie heads, and carried them around with her quite a bit. Some of the ears needed to be glued back on, and I had to tell Princess to stop washing them after I found them in the bathroom covered in soap. By some streak of luck, they managed to hold up well enough for me to get them attached onto hair bows.
I used the tutorial at this website to make the bows. The website has a bunch of tutorials for different hair things, so you should check it out if you are interested in that sort of thing. After getting the hair bow all finished, I just hot-glued the Minnie heads to the bow. Now all she needs is a Minnie Mouse dress to match. :)