Wednesday, June 1, 2011

School Celebration 2011

One thing that is surprising to many people is that our kids do take state testing, just like all other kids in regular school. Since we actually use a public school that provides our curriculum, it is mandatory that I take the kids in for scheduled testing days. I am certainly not complaining though.

After all the testing has been completed, the school throws several School Celebration parties across the state. The one closest to us is held at a place with some indoor rides, mini golf, and a roller skating rink. The school pays for pizza and activities for everyone, and the kids have fun meeting up with their friends for a day of fun.

Gizmo and Spike excitedly went off on their own when we got there, while I hung out with Princess, Squirt, and my nephew. This worked out pretty well since they mostly wanted to play in the big indoor playground (like the ones that are typically in McDonald's, only bigger). They did really want to try out skating when the big kids went. I spent about 10 minutes getting skates on both Princess and her cousin, and they skated for about 2 minutes before asking me to take them off. Neither was able to venture away from the benches in the carpeted area. It is unfortunate that I have not mastered using my camera better in low light, because it certainly was a funny 2 minutes.