Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Early Christmas!

Today the UPS man brought two great packages to our doorstep today. First, my early Christmas present from Brady arrived. And what was my Christmas present you might ask? A spinning wheel!!! I have been researching what wheel I wanted for a while now, and had it narrowed down to two choices; either the Kromski Sonata, or the Schacht Ladybug. Both seemed like really great wheels. Brady made the hard decision for me, and ordered a Sonata in mahogany finish. It is beautiful. The setup was really easy, especially with my little super helper, Squirt. He was so excited about the whole thing, that when I was trying to practice spinning, I kept feeling a little foot slide up next to mine on the treadle. He also got to go to the yarn store with me today to pick out some fiber to practice with. He is quite well-versed on many things yarny, that one. It cracks me up sometimes.

I did spend some time spinning after getting it set up, and although I need practice, the wheel handles wonderfully. Spike even tried his hand at it for a while and thought it was quite fun.

It was pretty late in the evening when I finally thought I should take some pictures, but I did it anyway, just so you can see how lovely it is. I just need to think of a name for her now...

The Sonata is a fold-able wheel, which was a feature that really attracted me to it. It comes with a bag of really good quality, that is nicely padded for toting the spinning wheel around.  It is shaped like a really large backpack.
Brady purchased this wheel from Paradise Fibers, and we are very pleased with their service. With the purchase of a Kromski Sonata, they do offer one of several extras to be added to your package. Brady picked the fast flyer for me, which is exactly what I would have picked for myself. What an awesome hubby I have. 

The second neat package that arrived today was our Scentsy consultant starter kit. Squirt and Princess had a very fun time smelling all of the testers that came today. Princess declared that she thought Happy Birthday was the best fragrance. I will write more on the start kit here.